Gothic Foot Models Changelog

Winter 2023 / February 11 – Looking for lots of growth here, this year.  Happy New Years everyone.  Also this site is a micro niche of foot fetishism, so this directory won’t be getting updated all too much, only when I find these content creators in indexing my other foot fetish directories, will I post here.

Fall 2022 / December 14 – Hey everyone, happy holidays!  I don’t have any new gothic foot models to show you, so please browse the gothic centric foot models that we do have.

Fall 2022 / November 8 – Hey all, just updating some modules.  Hope you are all cozy and doing well.  Please remember this is a “pet project” of mine, it will take awhile to index.

September 27 2022 / Summer – Hey all, just adding a couple of gothic content creators feet, 😉

September 5 2022 / Summer – and so it begins.

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