Welcome to my Gothic Foot Models Changelog. Here, you can see the updates, as well as changes that this foot fetish directory has made in the past. I wanted to add this functionality to further enhance the site for everyone who might surf us on the day to day.

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Spring 2024 /May 1 – Welcome to version 7.3 peeps.  I have new creators going up this early morning and I hope that you are all doing well.  I’m also re-skinning this page and doing some other stuff as a result of this version upgrade.  Happy Hump Day peeps!

Spring 2024 /March 29 – It’s been a minute, hasn’t it, peeps.  I have a new creators going up this evening and i’m finishing up on Sensual Pantyhose so i’ll be right over after that.  I hope you all are well.

Fall 2023 /December 2 – Happy Holidays Everyone!  I am adding a couple of new creators this evening.  When I hit 50 creators of this genre indexed, i’ll start separating the creators into their sections fyi.  Hope you’re all safe, warm and loved..

Fall 2023 /November 7 – Good evening peeps!  So adding 6 more creators and i’m going to finally make this front page look like my other directories, more or less.  Also of note, i’ll be also featuring regular non foot fetish gothic, emo, etc. creators here, maybe not this update, but thats my holiday plans for this thing.

Fall 2023 /October 5 – Hey all, adding some new creators and updating the core of this dark foot directory.  This project will be ongoing, there aren’t alot of creators in this sub niche, but this sub niche is so delicious.  Next year, i’m going to be indexing gothic creators.  They are foot creators per se, but not necc. foot creators.

Summer 2023 /August 4 – Good evening peeps, adding a couple of new creators this evening.  I originally thought there’d be a crapload of creators filling this niche and this domain, but not so much so far.  For those of you that have followed my work, this domain used to be one of my membership sites.  Also re skinning the GUI.  I just don’t like the color red and how it looked.  So now, like everything I have it’s a variation of blue.  Ahh blue, le sigh.

Summer 2023 / July 14 – Hey all, doing updates this evening and continuing to skin this goth foot directory.  The only one on the net, haha.  This is all my fetish in the real world.

Spring 2023 / May 15 – Hey all, adding a new creator this afternoon, also updating to version 7.1.  It’s basically adding video to each creators profile.

Spring 2023 / April 30 – Ha one month to the day.  I’m just too busy to be sourcing alt foot models right now, but I will be back in the next couple of weeks, to work on this site and update to version 7.1.  Please look, like and follow these Goddesses in the meantime.

Spring 2023 / March 30 – Hey all, I have one more content creator going up today and now, I’ve also added the “GFM News Archive” down below.  I know that some of you dig checking updates and such.

Winter 2023 / February 11 – Looking for lots of growth here, this year.  Happy New Years everyone.  Also this site is a micro niche of foot fetishism, so this directory won’t be getting updated all too much, only when I find these content creators in indexing my other foot fetish directories, will I post here.

Fall 2022 / December 14 – Hey everyone, happy holidays!  I don’t have any new gothic foot models to show you, so please browse the gothic centric foot models that we do have.

Fall 2022 / November 8 – Hey all, just updating some modules.  Hope you are all cozy and doing well.  Please remember this is a “pet project” of mine, it will take awhile to index.

September 27 2022 / Summer – Hey all, just adding a couple of gothic content creators feet, 😉

September 5 2022 / Summer – and so it begins.

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