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Welcome to Gothic Foot Models.  The models that are contained within this foot fetish links directory are ALL in the scene and ARE NOT models that played “dress up” for this concept, haha.  I am the only dedicated gothic foot fetish site and content creator directory on the net.  It’s out of respect to the scene and all of the goth babes that let me smell their feet way back in the day.  You helped make me who I am today.  If you dig what you see, please support this foot directory and the sites or social media pages contained within.  Please enjoy what I have created for our foot fetish community.  I think that gothic women are some of the most beautiful women in the world.  I was raised surrounded by the smell of their feet.  I am passionate about this and putting the names of the Gothic models who create this now out into the world.

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Summer 2023 /August 4 – Good evening peeps, adding a couple of new creators this evening.  I originally thought there’d be a crapload of creators filling this niche and this domain, but not so much so far.  For those of you that have followed my work, this domain used to be one of my membership sites.  Also re skinning the GUI.  I just don’t like the color red and how it looked.  So now, like everything I have it’s a variation of blue.  Ahh blue, le sigh.

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These are the kinds of women that I worshipped when I was a kid, grown up on sweaty female dark Goddess feet.  The music, the ambiance, cloves, everything.

Dear Goddess

I think you’re beautiful and that’s why you’re here, getting traffic from me.  My traffic is all SE traffic, I never buy traffic, so rest assured the traffic you get from me is real humans, haha.  If you’d rather not get traffic from us, please just fill out our DMCA form and you will be removed in the next 24 – 48 hours.

Goddesses in motion

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if we were a song

New alt Content Creators

Sending traffic to 20 alt, Goth, Punk and EmoFoot Creators and Foot Models, since 2015

The Afterdarkkmedia Network

I’ve been around since the late 90’s online.  This incarnation of my noted fetish directories has been around since 2002.  The Afterdarkkmedia Network has indexed over 1500 foot centric erotic content creators in over 200 sub niches.  From forced foot worship to sheer pantyhose.  Please feel free to browse my trusted directories in this niche.  Lastly, please note that every directory is different, I don’t usually feature the same content creators twice unless they are “God like” like most of them, haha.  So you can be sure that each visit is a unique and hot as fuck experience for ya 😉

4 Foot centric Directories, 1500+ content creators and sites, 49 primary niches, 243 sub niches of the female foot are explored on my visual erotic network.

Social Media Feet

Social Media Feet

Social Media Feet is about foot centric content creators who, unlike the creators here, these women do not have any membership gateways.  They do it because they love showing off.

Foot Pervert

Foot Pervert

Foot Pervert has been many things since it launched in 2005.  Most of what foot pervert was intended to be, is what foot adoration is now.  Currently this is an interactive foot fetish gallery.

Sensual Pantyhose

Sensual Pantyhose

Sensual Pantyhose is a sister site of Sheer Porn.  I’m so happy to be promoting the niche that I love.  Like of my other visual directories, all the women here are handpicked for various reasons.  All delicious.

Sheer Porn

Sheer Porn

Sheer Porn is the largest visual sheer directory on the net and is just like foot adoration, but for sheer pantyhose, nylons and stockings.  With over 600 Sheer creators indexed, this is a sheer foot based directory.

…there is no beauty without some strangeness

Edgar Allen Poe

…Representing the online Goth, Punk and alt Creator Foot Fetish scene, very well, Since 2015

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